About The Company
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About Sally Aluminum Industrial Co.

An ambitious business man and investor, who started his investments in Egypt in the early 80’s. Due to his interest in starting his business in Egypt Eng. Gharabli, established an Egyptian company specialized in the manufacturing of cookware and bake ware. The company’s prime goal was to compete with the European and American markets especially in the field of the bake ware. Sally Aluminum Industrial Company did prove through the years of its existence that it became one of the biggest companies in the field, and managed to export its products to many countries around the world. (( after all these great achievements in the Egyptian and international market the company succeeded to get the ISO certificates as a result of its professional work and high quality products )).

Eng. Gharabli and The Egyptian Canadian Group after the success in just their first project in Egypt, had the will to invest and expand more in the Egyptian market just to elevate the slogan ( Made In Egypt ), so he started several companies and projects in different fields .

Our Services


Our non-stick coating facility offers coatings for all types of purposes we and industries. Anti-corrosion coatings are used for the oilfield industry.

Also for industries that require low friction applications, insulation.

It is a cabin for spraying trays (round – rectangular – square) or any iron parts and bars; the oven temperature reaches 450 degrees Celsius.

The raw materials used are all imported from (Whitford UK ), which is one of the leading companies in the world in the manufacturing and supplying of these raw materials with the quality certificates required in the use of all raw materials.

The company is characterized by spraying all household and hotel utensils made of aluminum, steel and all types of metals, also for other purposes such as nails and iron bars as requested, using the best imported non-stick materials with the supplier’s guarantee and supervision,


This Italian made oven was the first of its kind in Egypt.

It has a metal conveyor with a 6m tunnel and a maximum temperature of 600C degrees. This supports productions that require heat treatment, annealing and curing of any coatings.


Servo-hydraulic punch press machines are the most advanced in these type of machines. It has the capability of punching or blanking any shape up to 90mm in diameter, a sheet size of 1.25mx4m, and thickness of 8mm steel, its axis 2500 mm and 1200 mm with 6 type-D stations and operated by ( Multi Tool system ) and works with (Top Punch program ), also it can be run by using all engineering programs such as (CNC, CAD, JET CAM and others ). Using servo-hydraulic machine can also engrave, inscribe and perform continuous forming such as grooves, which is not common in conventional CNC punch presses. The machine can operates onall types of materials such as sheet stainless, copper and aluminum, also drilling on metal surfaces and making protrusions, bulbs and openings on all surfaces.


Our hydraulic presses have a wide variety of uses, capacities and sizes up to 1200 tons capacities and bed areas of 1.8m x 2.5m. This allows them to form all kinds of metals with high thicknesses, starting from car bodies, stainless steel basins and all types of metals in all sizes and shapes, in addition to all forms of stoves and other manufacturing utensils for touristic Villages, hotels and homes. We also have shearing presses and bending presses to shape the Metals in a precision way. These presses can be used in a variety of operations such as: trimming, shearing.

Our mechanical eccentric presses have capacities and sizes up to 1000 tons and bed areas Up to 1.7m x 2.3m. These eccentric presses can be used for a variety of operations like: forming deep drawing, punching, blanking and trimming.

Feeding Industries Services:

Our factory is following the latest technological methods, services and designs to increase our machines capabilities day by day:, to provide and maintain the infrastructure needed to achieve conformity of products and service requirements for commercial and industrial use, to fulfill our client’s needs and expectations and gaining their satisfaction and loyalty.

By continuous improvement of systems and processes we succeeded to reach a highly competitive position in the local and international market with high quality and competitive price.

Over 35 years of experience has made our company today a leading supplier of premium bake ware, providing our customers with the best quality and expertly crafted bake ware. Our product lines are extensive, including muffin, cupcake, bread, baguette, sheets, cake, pizza, pie, bun and roll, toast molds, flat and corrugated trays, wither standard or tailored to the needs of the customer. We offer both non-coated and coated trays, depending on the application of the customer.